A recording of the Live Stream will be available to purchase for $5.00 until Monday, March 1, 2021 at 8:00 am. If you'd like to support the  FHC Theatre Department by donating more, your generosity would be greatly appreciated. 

The theatre programs have taken a big hit over the last year.  They have missed out on opportunites to bring musicals, plays and other small productions to their families and classmates on the stage.  

THANK YOU!!  From all those involved in this production and FHC Theatre!




FHC Presents Random Acts of Talent 2021
Recording of the Live Stream will be available for purchase until Monday, March 1st 8:00 am

Live entertainment is back on the stage of the Fine Arts Center after nearly a year!
FHC High presents a night of laughter, entertainment and unexpected random talents. The students are thrilled to bring their creative acts to you via Live Stream! This annual production will feature singing, dancing, improv and other numbers by these talented students.

Hosted by FHC Seniors: Maguire Mahacek & Sam Tuori

Cast for this year's show:
*Aidan & Gavin O’Meara
*Erbentraut sisters
*Lydia DeWitt
*Russell Baird
*Percussion Ensemble
*Lucy Wu
*Sam Musgraves
*Luke Matelic
*Madison Rogers
*Local Vocals: Delaney Niswonger, Israell King, Maggie Jenkins, Ben Lowen, Gavin O'Meara, Athan Hillman & Mason Yarnell
*Jack Fitzgibbon
*Improv Central Team: Ben Lowen, Holly McLenithan, Desiree Touhy, Benji Zorn, Mason Yarnell & Gavin O'Meara
*Josie Butler & Lauren Roth

Please call the FAC Box Office with any questions at 616-493-8965
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